Instructional DVDs

The Braid Guru DVD series coming soon!

Learn how to Braid, Twist, and Cornrow, from basic to advanced. You will also learn all the finishing tips that make your work professional!

Being one of the most popular braid stylist in DC, MD, VA, and now Atlanta, Sharifa has decided to share her skills with the public by introducing The Braid Guru DVD series. She has been braiding for since 1996, and is best known for her feeding cornrows. She takes great pride in her work and acknowledges that it is truly a God given talent. Sharifa’s work is extensively recognized, and her talent has given her the opportunity to travel and work with people of all walks of life. She is now taking her knowledge and expertise to the next level by helping others who want to learn the art of braiding.

With The Braid Guru DVD series you will learn how to cornrow with natural hair, and with extensions. You will learn how to do feeding cornrows and Goddess/French braids. You will discover the art of twisting hair: kinky twists, two strand twists, senegalese twists, and flat twists. You will acquire the skill set to achieve individual braids, micro braids, box braids, and plaits.

Having a skill is beneficial, and you can make or save extra money by having the skill of braiding. Make money by turning it into a business, or save money by braiding your own hair or by braiding your child’s hair. You will learn all you need to know and more with The Braid Guru DVD series!